Monday, June 17, 2013

Diana Hsieh

Many of you have either been contacted by Diana Hsieh, or are wondering why we’re no longer friends with her, (and when I say friends, I mean real, close friends and not only the Facebook sort.) While we do not care to disclose all of the details of our private lives, as Diana has seen fit to do, we would like to address the situation, so as to put rumors and inappropriate assumptions to rest.


Last December, Diana learned of some very private, personal problems that me and Santiago have been going through. Since she was a good friend of ours, perhaps Santiago’s best, we confided in her very private, personal information over the next four or five months. We needed someone to talk to, a “shoulder to cry on” if you will, but instead, we were lectured, and ultimately defamed to many of our friends. A real sticking point for Diana seems to be that Santiago has decided to stay married to me, and continue working with our marriage counselor. Why Diana is so hurt by the fact that we’re not getting divorced is curious.


All the more disturbing, Diana is building a career on giving ethical and moral advice via her bog and online radio show. As our therapist commented last week, it’s amazing that within the realm of possible actions Diana could’ve taken, violating our trust and privacy, and defaming us was her first choice. It's appalling and ridiculous, and for her to contact a government agency and request we be investigated, is just beyond horrible, especially for someone like Diana, who knows all too well how arbitrary and abusive our government can be. (Please note, we are not being investigated as her report had no merit, and we have nothing to hide.)


We made the mistake of getting Diana too involved in a situation that is way too much for most people to handle. We regret that, and are very sorry for the hurt we’ve caused, and we’ve already said as much to Diana and others. Our situation requires professional help, and fortunately, we’ve found a reputable, cognitive behavioral therapist to work with, and we’re making progress. We are also in group therapy each week, which has been tremendously helpful.


It is important to note that when Diana is asked what she wants or expects from us, she has no answer. Santiago and I are doing everything reasonable people in our situation should be doing; getting professional help for our problems. Diana’s most recent correspondence indicates that she disagrees with our medical doctors and therapists. Since we consider the revelations and progress we’ve made in therapy to be very beneficial, we will disregard what Diana thinks.


Santiago and I are not a threat to ourselves or anyone else. (Our doctors, Cora’s pediatrician, and our therapists have a moral and legal obligation to report otherwise.) We are the people you already know, going through the hardest time of our lives. We understand that Diana is hurt and wants us out of her life, and we have abided by her request, but for her to spread details of our private lives, and defame us to our mutual friends, so she can insulate herself from us, is going way too far.


While we prefer not to discuss our personal, private problems to uninterested third parties any more than we’ve already been forced to, if you have heard specifics and have questions, we do not mind you contacting us, otherwise, we prefer to handle our problems in private. We have said all we care to say on these matters. We are working with the appropriate people to resolve our problems, and they report we are on the right track. We are sorry that is not good enough for Diana and some other people, and while their actions have caused us great pain, it’s been good to find out who our real friends are. We look forward to our continued progress and coming out of this happier and healthier than we’ve ever been before. Cora is the joy of our lives, and we look forward to sharing good times with our true friends.

Friday, September 7, 2012

More Change from the DNC 2012

"The change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice." - Barack Hussein Obama


"The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master." - Ayn Rand (Via Facebook friend, JW)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Irish Commentary on Olympic Sailing

I can't stop watching this and laughing until I cry…

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hilarious Quote from my Anti-Money Laundering Training Course

The government requires I take an anti-money laundering course every two years since 9/11. (Because, you know, it's my fault that 9/11 hijackers laundered money.) The following statement appears in my study materials and is so ridiculous and true, it's hilarious...


‎"A client’s location, affiliation, or type of business may raise red flags that indicate a need for increased scrutiny. For example, regulators have identified SENIOR POLITICAL FIGURES as individuals that require greater due diligence."  [emphasis mine]


So the very same politicians that were asleep at the wheel when it came to national security, require that all of the rest of us pay for their mistake, then, are the very people most likely to commit the crime they're making me take this stupid course to prevent!  Gee, I'm so glad millions of people across the country are being forced to take this course.  I feel so much safer now!

Friday, March 23, 2012

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

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