Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hilarious Quote from my Anti-Money Laundering Training Course

The government requires I take an anti-money laundering course every two years since 9/11. (Because, you know, it's my fault that 9/11 hijackers laundered money.) The following statement appears in my study materials and is so ridiculous and true, it's hilarious...


‎"A client’s location, affiliation, or type of business may raise red flags that indicate a need for increased scrutiny. For example, regulators have identified SENIOR POLITICAL FIGURES as individuals that require greater due diligence."  [emphasis mine]


So the very same politicians that were asleep at the wheel when it came to national security, require that all of the rest of us pay for their mistake, then, are the very people most likely to commit the crime they're making me take this stupid course to prevent!  Gee, I'm so glad millions of people across the country are being forced to take this course.  I feel so much safer now!