Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bits & Pieces

Since the whole point of starting my blog was to journal, I decided to start both a public and a private blog. I figure I can post everything to the private blog then copy over to the public blog the entries that are suitable to share. I am calling my private blog Bits & Pieces, as in bits and pieces of me. At this particular moment, I can't think of anything too interesting to say. I'm pretty tired from getting too little sleep last night. In general, I haven't been sleeping well lately. Either I don't feel sleepy enough to fall asleep, even though I'm tired, or once I fall asleep, I wake up during the night. Either way, it amounts to me not operating at full capacity. I have been slow at work and every day there are things left over on both my professional and personal to-do lists that I must carry over to the next day. So I'm stuck in this Catch-22 at the moment. Hopefully, finalizing my divorce and living arrangements will allow my mind to slow down a little. Well, I'm off to watch the Rockies. It's Rocktober, baby!


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