Monday, October 15, 2007

The Rebirth

This week is shaping up to be quite interesting for me. My new roommate is moving in although my soon-to-be ex-husband has not quite moved out yet. It should be just a matter of weeks before he is in his own place, and I certainly appreciate him sticking around and helping me with the mortgage until I was able to secure a roommate. Besides, everyone always likes my husband. Frankly, he's a very likable guy and I think that's the only reason I was able to stay with him for so long. He and my new roommate will probably get along just fine during the few weeks that we all have to live together. Besides filing the divorce paperwork, this is the next really big step in what a friend of mine called my springtime, but I like to call it my renaissance. I like the term renaissance for a couple of reasons. First, for its literal meaning, the revival of learning and culture, and second, because the term is also associated with romance. The first meaning is quite obvious for those that know me. Since moving to Colorado, I have become very independent and I am able to think with much more rational clarity than I have before. There are no crazy, emotional decisions being made and I am not living on a whim, just trying to get by day to day. I have a clear thought process and my decisions are based on what's best for me, and me alone. I have clear and realistic goals and aspirations. The second meaning I have not yet discovered fully. The Renaissance typically refers to the end of the middle ages in Europe and a period of rebirth of art forms and culture. For me, it means much the same thing...a rebirth of the romance in my life, of what's important to me and what I like to do. Bogged down in a bad relationship for so many years, I had nearly lost everything that I had once considered important to me. The "stuff" of life that makes one passionate about living. Besides continuing to learn more about Objectivism and develop new and meaningful relationships, there are a few other activities I would like to try. First, I want to sign up for ballroom dance lessons. Not only do I think this would be incredibly fun (I've always loved to dance), but I think it would be great exercise and a wonderful way to meet new friends. Second, I want to sign up for an adult kickball league I found up in Denver. (Who didn't like kickball when they were a kid?) And finally, I want to hike to the Continental Divide from Grand Lake, Colorado. (A two-day hike.) Now none of these things will be possible for several more months or years. Due to my broken leg, doctor said no kickball until Spring of 2009. I haven't specifically asked about ballroom dancing, but since it still hurts like hell to pivot, I would imagine dancing would be out for a bit longer. The hike to the divide will require me to continue to lose weight, continue to rehab my leg, take a few practice hikes and acquire the appropriate gear, so I have made that a five-year goal. (If I do it sooner, great, but I want to be realistic so I don't get discouraged and do nothing.) So for now, I will continue to meet with the Objectivist group I found here in Denver, Front Range Objectivist Group (FROG), develop my new friendships and read more books by Ayn Rand and other Objectivists. And maybe I'll sign up for that pottery class that's offered at my town's rec center. I could use a few decorative items for my home and what better way to celebrate my renaissance than with a few pieces of artwork?


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