Friday, March 6, 2009

The following is my response to this video which shows a rousing Marine Corp greeting for President Bush vs. a silent crowd for Obama. I'm sure the Marines, and the vast majority of people in the military, preferred Bush, but I have to wonder when that Bush video was taken. It must have been right after 9/11 or within a year or two of it. I can't imagine he was that popular just a year or two ago, with anyone?? Regardless of when the video was taken, if Bush really supported our troops, he would've done away with the awful rules of engagement and stupid political correctness that allowed honorable men, such as Navy Seal Danny Dietz, to be slaughtered by stupid terrorists. (Yet another way altruism kills.) I voted for Bush three times, I'm ashamed to say. (Once as Texas governor and twice as President.) He's a horrible moderate who, at the very least, could have vetoed the first round of bail outs and didn't. And how messed up is it that he didn't pardon Scooter Libby?! What a coward! Both parties are corrupt and immoral and are ruining this country. Let's get over Bush and Obama and Republicans and Democrats, and get to the philosophical change this country desperately needs if we are ever to experience real freedom in our lifetimes.


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