Monday, April 20, 2009

Family; To value or not to value?

I had a big falling out with my brother and sister-in-law last week. My brother thinks I hate Christians and wish death on them simply because I'm atheist. My sister-in-law feels hated because I do not buy into the environmentalist movement and think that people that hate mankind and think we're evil, should kill themselves. (And why not? If men are so evil, why don't they start solving their problem by getting rid of themselves??) Anyway, I didn't say any of those things to either of them. I know they feel differently, so I've never even approached the subject of religion or environmentalism with either of them. They viewed my Facebook page and took my, and some of my friend's, beliefs and opinions as personal attacks. I intentionally did not discuss those subjects with them, or link them to those sections of my Facebook page. They sought out my opinions and they got them. Why be angry now? I have always enjoyed spending time with my brother and his family. Evidently, they don't feel the same way. They've been harboring these bad feelings and inaccurate opinions of me for quite some time and the dam broke last week. I decided that there's not much I can or will do about it. If they want to view my Facebook page and seek out that information, so be it, but I will continue my previous policy of not discussing those subjects with them. My family is a value to me. If I am not a value to them, I do not expect anything from them. Fortunately, I still have a great relationship with everyone else in my family, Christians and enviros alike, so I guess when I visit Houston I'll just have more time to spend with those that value me in return.


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