Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hope and Change!

A friend of mine in the UK sent these pictures and videos to me. It would be unbelievable if it weren't true. "As an American, you are likely to be very benevolent and enormously innocent about the nature of evil. You are unable to believe that some people can advocate man's destruction for the sake of man's destruction--and when you hear them, you think that they don't mean it. But they do." –Ayn Rand


Anonymous said...

Why does the UK government get away with this? First, people see these adverts as the goverment having wit and sense of humour. That makes them feel the government is a buddy on their side. Secondly, because people's focus in life is how much money they can get from the government. All protests around here are about what the government didn't do for them or didn't pay for them. If you accuse the government of becoming Big Brother, people don't take that seriously, call you utopist, dogmatic, selfish, paranoid.

There is defenitly a "we" mentality. The word "I" is not used in current language anymore. People speak for their family or for their group or their country. Never for themselves.

Dan said...

Those ads were sinister and menacing. How disturbing, especially the last one where the couple watch their car get crushed right before their very eyes. It truly is Big Brother!

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