Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enviros to Kelly, "You can't have a baby!"

My favorite thing about enviros...they are allowed to have big houses, multiple children, big cars, etc., yet I live an "efficient" life (i.e. affordable and within my means, with no children) and they want to force me to pay higher taxes, more for groceries, more for energy, etc. The hypocrisy is disgusting! As if that's not bad enough, now they want to keep me from having a baby, quite literally! (Santiago and I are planning to start trying later this year...hopefully, we'll be allowed to!) This is why I'm afraid of environmentalism...these are the kinds of people in charge of our government now and this is what they want. They quite literally want death. This is why I am against the environmentalist movement. For them, it's not about being efficient or saving money (who's against that?), they believe men are evil, vile and a disease on this planet, and we're not. We belong here just as much as any tree or river or squirrel, etc. This is the very ugly and very real truth behind the environmentalist movement, and these men now have the power to make it so.


Sherry said...

Yeah - this guy is a freak! I was listening to the radio this morning where they mentioned some of his crackpot ideas. Sigh. They always want to discourage the bright peeps from being "breeders". They only want sheep.

Anonymous said...

This is very scary. :(

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