Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here's Your Sign!

This story I read several days ago so clearly illustrates the problem with the Republican party, and why I'm not a card-carrying member anymore. They are not the party of capitalism and individual rights as they would have us believe, they don't know what the proper moral function of government is and they're not any better than the Democrats because they operate on the same immoral principle that we are each other's keeper (altruism.) Ayn Rand says it best in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal in the essay The Anatomy of Compromise:
Since both parties hold altruism as their basic moral principle, both advocate a welfare state or mixed economy as their ultimate goal. Every government control imposed on the economy (regardless in whose favor) necessitates the imposition of further controls, to alleviate - momentarily - the disasters caused by the first control. Since the Democrats are more consistently committed to the growth of government power, the Republicans are reduced to helpless "me-too'ing," inept plagiarism of any program initiated by the Democrats, and to the disgraceful confession implied in their claim that they seek to achieve "the same ends" as the Democrats, but by different means.
Since I certainly can't say it any better, I'll just leave it at that. For more information on capitalism, how it can save our country, solve the health care crisis, solve the financial crisis (and any other government-created crisis), and make all of our lives better, I highly recommend Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.


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