Friday, September 11, 2009

A Fitting Tribute to 9-11

We have this giclée in our living room, but I've never read the letter that appears below the image of this piece on the Cordair Gallery website. (Click here and scroll down to see's brilliant!) Now I love this painting all the more!

It made me so mad after 9-11 when movie companies and such rushed to remove the image of the towers from their films. I wanted to see it, so desperately, in all its glory. I wanted to remember it for what it was, not the burning hole the stupid press made us look at for weeks on end. I am so glad I can see them every day now, forever captured in this wonderful Larsen painting.


Logical Tenor said...

I think Penn & Teller said it best. The best tribute to the 9-11 events as well as the best message you could send the terrorists would be to rebuild the two towers again, just as they were.

Kelly Valenzuela said...

I agree. The rebuilding of those towers is long overdue.

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