Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama and Health Care from a Boulder Democrat

My boss and I always chat for a bit about our weekends on Monday mornings.  This morning, he told me the story of a BBQ he had with neighbors on Saturday evening.

One of his neighbors, a die-hard Boulder liberal who tried to get everyone on the street to put up Obama signs during the election, etc., is a cardiologist.  He and my boss got into a discussion about health care.  Due to recent Medicare cuts, he and the other doctors in his high-end, highly respected office have had to take pay cuts.  After being so excited about Obama initially, he is now luke warm, but his wife interrupted him and exclaimed to my boss, "I'm ready to become a Republican!"  I guess she's not ready to give up her Lexus and daily shopping trips to pay for her fellow Americans' health care?

It seems that some think it's okay to loot, mooch and force others to pay higher taxes, until it's their own money.  At least this couple is seeing the light.  If a Boulder liberal can see the truth, perhaps there is hope for America.


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