Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something to Keep in Mind

Thanks to Gus for reminding me…

There is much to say about and learn from this battle, but after this post, I am stepping back from it for most of the day. The dishonest, emotionally manipulative nature of this battle has been exhausting -- revealingly, for the enemy side as well. This fight is far from over, but winning it will require not just the right ideas, but the will to fight, which can only come from moral certainty and the ability to sustain oneself by always remembering one's values. Towards that sacred end, I recommend enjoying something one loves today, or in the near future as a means of catching a breather, of remembering what we are fighting for, of fully experiencing the independence and defiance of a free mind, and most importantly, of living the life that Nancy Pelosi's ilk forfeited long ago, and now want to sap away from you.


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