Friday, July 30, 2010

An Awesome Self-Defense Story

I found this great gun story over at the Not PC blog.  Here’s an excerpt:


One gun isn't enough.

“That was what Linda Smith (a pseudonym) was thinking after two thugs broke into her Oklahoma apartment. One was holding a weapon … at her throat, and the other was pacing back and forth while holding her purse and demanding her money and valuables. She screamed, and was told if she screamed again, she'd be dead.

“She was doing as police recommend in robberies –- comply with a robber's demands. But her Lady Smith & Wesson .38 special, which she carries by permit, was hidden in her purse –- and the purse was being held by one of the attackers.


Click on the link to find out the exciting ending!


Mano said...


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Kelly McNulty Valenzuela said...

Hi, Mano!

Thank you for commenting on my blog post. While some people may feel safer with pepper spray and the like, I prefer to bring a gun to a knife fight, so to speak. When it comes to my life, I just don't want to take any chances.

I've been robbed before by two men, in my own apartment. They wielded a baseball bat and a lead pipe. They were obviously high on some sort of drugs.

I did not own my gun at that time, but I'm pretty sure if I had maced or pepper sprayed one, or blown a whistle, it wouldn't have done me much good. Had a gun come out, I'm sure they would've run. Well, run as far as they could. I'm a mean shot. ;-)

Steve said...

I'll agree to that!
Why take chances with your life.

Steve D said...

Don't bother running. You'll just die tired.

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