Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank You, Obama!

Thanks to the awful Obama administration and the thugs in the congress, our living expenses just went up when we can afford it the least!


First, my husband was laid off last Monday.  That in and of itself is not necessarily bad since he disliked that company, was underpaid and under-appreciated, but what’s bad is that we lost our health care.  (The fact that health care is tied to our employment is yet another government-caused problem.)


I am eligible for my employer’s plan (for which I must pay half the premiums, or about $180 per month), so I signed up for that to be effective the first of next month when the former policy lapses.  Since it would be too expensive to add my husband to my policy, and since he is healthy and young (thankfully), we decided to apply for an HSA which will provide him with insurance coverage should anything too expensive or catastrophic happen.


The insurance agent told me that we should make his policy effective prior to the 1st of next month because that’s when the first phase of Obamacare kicks in and our premium for him will be significantly higher.  Even though we have no children and I have my own coverage, my husband’s HSA is being forced to add provisions to his contract for children in order to comply with Obamacare, and that’s not all!  There are all kinds of ridiculous terms being added to insurance policies as a result of this awful legislation.  His premium is planned to be around $107, if we act now rather than next week.


So we’ve decided to have my husband’s new policy start before his old one expires in an attempt to get cheaper premiums at least for the next year.  In case you haven’t kept count, now that my husband is unemployed, our health insurance will now cost $287 more per month, in premiums alone, than it did when he was employed. 


In addition, my out of pocket expenses will be higher on my employer’s policy and Santiago’s HSA has a high deductible that we are subject to before the coverage kicks in.  Basically, we are getting less coverage for more cost at a time when we need to be saving our money.


Thanks Obama!


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