Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heroic Story from the Rubble of Japan

I am so in love with this story I found on Twitter today.  It's full of heroic gems such as:


Whereas many Japanese have adopted the nation's unofficial mantra: Shou ga nai, or, more politely, Shikata ga nai, loosely translated as, "What can you do?," "It's beyond our control" or "It's out of my hands," Akaiwa stands out as a virtual live-action hero.

And this:


Not willing to wait until the government or any international organization did, or did not, arrive to rescue his wife of two decades — whom he had met while they were surfing in a local bay — Akaiwa got hold of some scuba gear. He then hit the water, wended his way through the debris and underwater hazards and managed to reach his house, from which he dragged his wife to safety.

And this:


Finally, he adjusts the grip on his bicycle and heads off in search of other trapped survivors.

"Sorry, I have to get going," he says as he navigates around the dead fish, through a puddle and around the corner.

Click here to read the whole, awesome story.


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