Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smart is Bad, Dumb is Good. Deceitful Preferred!

This story coming out of the NFL today makes me sick.


…McElroy's brainpower still has the potential to be taken as a negative around the league, as explained by Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio:

That said, scoring too high can be as much of a problem as scoring too low. Football coaches want to command the locker room. Being smarter than the individual players makes that easier. Having a guy in the locker room who may be smarter than every member of the coaching staff can be viewed as a problem — or at a minimum as a threat to the egos of the men who hope to be able when necessary to outsmart the players, especially when trying in some way to manipulate them.

So while McElroy, who was unable to work out due to injury, may be really smart, he perhaps would have been wise to tank a few of the answers.

What kind of sick and distorted society do we live in where people are so stupid and insecure as to be intimidated by someone smarter than they are?! Smart people still need to be managed and still have new things to learn, so why would a coach be intimidated by a player like this?!  Then to suggest that the player should've lied on the test to pretend he's dumber than he is takes the story from disgusting to pure evil, as if being dishonest and dumb are some sort of virtues!  Ugh!   


I embrace those who are smarter than I am, and I try to learn from them.  I look up to and respect them and desire to work with them.  And if my job is to manage or coach them, well, all the better for me!  Hopefully, they'll make my job delightful and easy!


Anonymous said...

It is sickening! I cannot believe the sorry state of our world! I like that McElroy said he wanted to score 50.


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