Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reminder: Help Fund The Undercurrent's New Programs

I thought I had posted about The Undercurrent's fund raising activities and Paul and Diana Hsieh's generous offer to match funds, but now I don't see the post anywhere.  The good news is, there's still time to donate and have your funds matched!  From Diana:


Back in August, I posted about the exciting new programs planned by The Undercurrent. Paul and I are enthused about these efforts -- particularly because TU has such a great track record. In our original announcement, Paul and I offered $1000 in matching funds to anyone who donates to them using our links.

Here's the unexpectedly awesome news: as of last Monday, we'd raised $1075! Thank you, thank you to every donor! You rock! We're delighted that you've cost us so much money already!

I never imagined that we'd raise more than $1000 so quickly, and I'm so thrilled that we've done so. Since we want to encourage more donations, Paul and I are pleased to raise our matching funds to $1500.

So if you've not yet donated, please consider doing so. Even just $25 or $50 is money well-spent to promote Ayn Rand's ideas on college campuses.

Here's a link to Diana's previous post which includes the PayPal link so you can contribute!


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