Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Miscellaneous Odds and Ends

I am finding it increasingly difficult to focus on any one thing in my life right now. I think I have so much stressful crap going on (and most of it is just that...crap) that I am having a hard time dealing with it or prioritizing any of it. Perhaps if I list it out and brainstorm about each item, it will help me gather my thoughts?? It's worth a try. 1.) Explorer needs an oil change and anti-freeze flush 2.) order Why Businessmen Need Philosophy by Ayn Rand for my next FROG meeting 3.) cancel the Dish Network service in my spare bedroom 4.) order glass for an end table in the living room (in a drunken stupor, Danny fell, hit his head on the glass and shattered it...didn't hurt his head, of course...too hard for that.) 5.) complete built-in desk in loft area (yet another project Danny started and hasn't completed) 6.) refinance my home equity line of credit, if possible 7.) hire an attorney to handle the citations Danny received as a result of last weekend's wreck 8.) continue dealing w/ body shop and insurance adjustor to get Danny's truck repaired 9.) try to find room in our ever-increasingly tight household budget for Danny's $500 deductible while still maintaining enough funds for him to GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! 10.) follow up on warranty work that KB Home has planned for Thursday (replacing downstairs carpet, replacing two garage door panels and leaky faucet) 11.) write letters of appeal to United Health Care with regards to the three claims they are not covering from last January when I broke my leg 12.) get a new brain because mine is fried I should mention the three things I managed to scratch off my to-do list yesterday. (Gotta focus on the positive, you know.) I filed the remaining divorce paperwork, so now it's all up to the courts to send me the final documents within the next 30 days. (Yahoo!) I also resolved my allergy medication dilemma. (No insurance company is willing to cover any allergy meds that actually work for me.) My new allergist recommended a Canadian drug website where I can get a three month supply of my allergy meds for less than what my insurance copays are! (Yahoo again!) And last, I finally exchanged some clothing at a retail store, which I have been needing to do for about a month now. (Seems small and insignificant, but it's nice to get the small stuff off my to-do list too.) Thank goodness things are a bit slow at my office right now, otherwise, I'd probably be completely insane. In addition to a longer-than-normal to-do list, I'm dealing with the stress of the divorce, new living arrangements and all the other little odds and ends that life throws at us daily. Some days I wonder if the smile on my face is because, somehow, despite all of the stress right now, I'm still happy or if it's because I've gone completely nuts. Either way, at least I'm still smiling! :-)


Kane said...

What is the Dish Network service?

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