Monday, August 31, 2009

"Fed" Up!

From this article:
The United States Federal Reserve System was created in 1913. The stated purpose of the Fed, by the definition taken from its own website, is to "conduct the nation's monetary policy by influencing money and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of full employment and stable prices." Note that "stable prices" is another way of saying "stable dollar," they are two sides of the same coin (couldn't resist the pun). After the Fed's creation, from 1913 to 2008 (95 years), the value of the dollar, relative to the Consumer Price Index, decreased by 95%.
Why do we keep voting in people that take away more and more of our individual rights? That's the heart of the matter here; individual property rights are being violated. Banks and other private businesses, owned by individuals, are not allowed to conduct business as they see fit. They are not allowed to conduct business in a manner that assures them profits, and therefore, continued viability. Instead, they are forced to play by the crooked, awful rules imposed on them by a government that knows nothing about banking or how to control a monetary system. (A government that knows even less about protecting individual rights, which is its only proper, moral function.)


Anonymous said...

"Why do we keep voting in people that take away more and more of our individual rights?"

Because most people don't think individual rights are right.

Mitchel said...

You do realize the Federal Reserve has no affiliation with the Federal Government, right? It's a private institution, and no more federal than Federal Express (thank you Alex Jones).

Kelly Valenzuela said...

If you don't think the government is involved, you're insane.

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