Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Problem With Illegal Immigration is That It's Illegal!

It's just disgusting that our immoral and out of control government puts people through this.
Hotaru Ferschke just wants to raise her 8-month-old son in his grandparents' Tennessee home, surrounded by photos and memories of the father he'll never meet: a Marine who died in combat a month after marrying her from thousands of miles away.
Sgt. Michael Ferschke was killed in Iraq in 2008, leaving his widow and infant son, both Japanese citizens, in immigration limbo: A 1950s legal standard meant to curb marriage fraud means U.S. authorities do not recognize the marriage, even though the military does.
The Ferschke family is hoping a private bill introduced by U.S. Rep. John Duncan this summer will allow Hotaru to stay in the U.S., but each setback has become a reminder of their loss. A private bill affects the case of just one person, rather than changing the law as a whole.
"We still have a hard time accepting this," Robin Ferschke said. "We're trying to go forward, celebrate his life, but then every time we turn around we get a constant reminder."
"She's like my daughter," Robin Ferschke said. "I know my child chose the perfect wife and mother of his child."
The last time I was up in an airplane, I observed that there's plenty of room for more people in this country.  In addition, if the government would sell off the huge portion of the American west that "they" own, we'd have even more room and resources!

And finally, if we truly had free markets/capitalism in this country, it wouldn't matter that "immigrants don't pay taxes" (which is false anyway, but under a capitalist society, you wouldn't need this giant welfare, statist government hogging up all our money) or that "their kids clog up the school system" (only because the government school system is awful) or that "our hospitals are already overcrowded" (because of government intervention into the health care system.)

Neither me nor my husband would be here today if it weren't for immigrants coming to this nation to find a better place to raise their families.  Whether they're illegal or legal, they all come for the same reason and deserve the right to move freely on this planet as a human being.  


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Thank you for saying this, Kelly. You have no idea how much it means to me.

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